Hello, and welcome! I’m Emerald the tour guide to this insanity. I will be sharing with you my thoughts, insights, and not so humble opinions about many of lifes on goings as well as entertaining you with wit, humour, and my personal weirdness I cannot help but incorporate in my ramblings. Topics and subjects can range from deep and insightful to playful and fun with any aspect of my life, the things that matter to me, and current events or issues I take strong stances about. Basically you never know what to fully expect each time you swing by, but that is part of the maddness!

I could be labled a lot of things: eccentric, opinionated, creative, open minded, caring, and passionate are a few ways to describe me. I also happen to be a recovering addict, I am spiritual and a practitioner of the craft, I love learning and teaching, and I try to be aware of social, political, and environmental issues. I have rapid cycling bipolar and a few other mental illnesses that have impacted my life greatly and I have for the most part learned to maintain using alternative therapies and lifestyle habits. I study herbals and make my own products; hopefully soon I will be in business selling my products and building my dream. I have lived in several states, experinced the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful of life, and draw on my experinces for knowledge, wisdom, and insight. This is my life, my maddness….hope you enjoy the tour!20161201_174400