Every choice has a consquence, every consquense can create changes- welcome or not- in our lives. I’ve had more then my fair share of unwelcomed consequences that have created changes that forever more impacted the way my life went. I’ll take my licks and keep my complaints down to a minimal when it is my fault something happens. I will not be so accepting when others impact my life against my best efforts; I may have to live with, even accept, whatever comes my way but that doesn’t mean I can’t take action to change the situation. To many times in my life I have allowed others actions, opinions, or circumstances infringe on the way my life was going- it’s only taken me 33 years but I’m finally able to say no more. My life is at a point of change and redirection; I’m the one guiding my way, anyone who tries to make me veer off course is going to find they aren’t welcome in my life anymore. It really is simple as that. I know what I want, I know what I need, I know what I hope to see transpire, and I know the general direction to get these things. You may not like what I choose, you may not agree with where I hope to be going, you may not understand why I choose the route I do; it is ok, you don’t have to! My life, my choices, my consequences; I got to live with whatever the out come may be, not you. Besides pissing me off your going to find that among all that there are somethings in my life I not only wont explain, I wont even reveal they are there until I absolutely have to. So as I navigate towards my destination don’t think you know where I have my sight on landing because chances are your not going to be right. So focus on you, I’ll focus on me and if our journey sees us together for awhile- just enjoy it because after awhile we will part ways again. I’ve finally accepted that my life will never be tied down to a place for very long. I’m a wanderer for better or worse; I belong no where and everywhere, but I always come back to see the ones I love. You know this, history has proven it over and over. I’m just differnt from most, but you know this too; so trust me to roam and know what I’m doing is what is right for me.

Your right; it is a hard way to live having no foundation or home base of my own, but my homebase is who instead of where and it is enough for me. It is my choice to let my soul dictate how I live; but when I try to do it the normal way not only does my world end up crashing down on me, but I begin to shut down and hate life. I accept the consequences of my choices, you don’t need to. So this time around let us enjoy the time we share and just love me and my eccentric ways when it comes time to part once more. If you simply can’t do this then it will be a very sad day when I leave for after that I wont return. I’ve made my choices, now you have the choices you get to select from- notice none mention trying to badger me, bully me, guilt me, or otherwise try to stop me from making mine.