There are no consciences or mistakes; everything happends for a reason. We may not always be able to understand; and sometimes we must endure so that we can help others not strong enough to endure on their own. So long as we allow ourselves to flow with life instead of fighting it currents we only suffer what we absolutely must. It is when we try to fight life’s currents to get where we think we should be that we find ourselves battered without mercy only to find we didn’t want to be where we fought so hard to be after all. Some of us are warriors and life forges and tempers us so we have the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual strength and endurance to take on our battles.

When we refuse to accept, blame and hate, sherk responsibility, or simply don’t allow ourselves to move forward taking our lessons and leaving behind the baggage we end up repeating our lessons over. Cherish the blessings, treasure the gifts, and reflect on the lessons so that you can shed the negitivity and fullfill your purpose. This is how we heal, this is how we become the best we can be, and this is how we create peace within.r